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License Tax

Activities of Department

Industries, Factories & Trade License under section 313 of B.P.M.C. Act 1949, As per section 313, B.P.M.C. Act, 1949, It is mandatory for every Industry, factory and Trade to obtain prior permission from Municipal Commissioner.

Storage License under section 376 of B.P.M.C. Act, 1949, As per section 376 it is mandatory to obtain storage Licenses For following listed items and Trades to operate. The List is displayed for information.

Municipal Corporation has provided facility for 3 year renewal at the time. License period is from January to December. License holder has to renew the License in month of December.

For obtaining license for trade Procedure is as follows

Submission of Application.

Payment of Fees.

Delivery of license within 7 days.

Submission of papers i.e. shop registration, Tax Receipt, Agreement, if on rent. Food License, drug License, MPCB License, SSI registration, Collection License as per type of Trade.